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eMail Marketing Campaigns
Tuesday 20 July 2010 @ 11:21 am

Probably one of your most powerful tools, along with social networking, is your email marketing campaign. This is, however, probably the least understood, and most under-used marketing method among small businesses.

Why? Because if you do it right, the people on your mailing list are into whatever it is that you are doing. Whatever you are selling, they want some.  They joined your mailing list because they wanted to hear from you. They want to know what specials and promotions you are running. They want to know about new developments in your industry. The people on your mailing list are not just your bread and butter. They are your gold.

A well organised and well presented email marketing campaign will usually bring you money every time you send out a mailing, but you have got to have people on your mailing list or you are blowing your messages to the wind.

There are three essential ingredients to any business that is generating business online.

  1. a means of capturing the customer’s contact details
  2. a means of contacting the customers regularly once you have their contact details
  3. a well formatted follow-up email marketing campaign

That is basically it.

However, over 90% of web sites I visit don’t have that in place, and it is costing them big money in the long term.

For a full email marketing campaign consultation or to arrange for us to set-up your campaign, please contact us.

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