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Search Engine Submission & Marketing
Monday 19 July 2010 @ 11:18 am

It is important to get your site listed on as many search engines in your target market as possible. We take into consideration both geographics РWhere is your primary target market? РSunshine Coast, California, South East Queensland, Hokkaido  only etc, nation wide РAustralia, USA, UK, Indonesia, English-speaking countries, or world wide etc. and demographics РWho is your target market? Рwomen over 50, men over 65, youth, young men only, business people, housewives etc.

While there are less than a handful of search engines and directories that cater to the majority of people searching the web for information, discounting the minor search engines can also cost business. Some search engines have their own niche markets, and tapping in on those niches can be very profitable. Especially if you have a product which that niche is looking for.

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