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Web Site Design and Installation
Monday 19 July 2010 @ 10:36 am

Most businesses these days already have a web site. Many web sites are very attractive and well constructed. Others lack a little to a lot in the design area. I love visiting lots of sites to see what they look like, and how they are hung together. The one thing that stands out most in the majority of web sites I visit is not what they have, but what they don’t have.

Most web sites lack what it takes to turn them from a visual masterpiece into valuable, virtual employees. Our web sites are designed with that purpose in mind. Take a look at this we site. It is nothing flash. A basic blog site with a couple of videos and some nice graphics to help you get the bigger picture, not just the story in words. But it is far more effective at bringing me new customers than something of a more professional design would or could, simply because it has the essential element, which makes it a sales agent for my business. Can you see what that is?

This web site is not set up to sell anything. There are no buy now buttons. There is not even one thing for sale on this site. So what makes it so effective in finding me new customers? Is it the colours I have chosen? Is it the page layout? Is it the graphics? Is it something else?

Just key your contact details in to the window over there to the right and I’ll send you some more information on turning your web site into a sales agent for your business.

Check our gallery page to see some of the designs and installations we have done.


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