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Wednesday 23 August 2017 @ 10:40 pm

The other day, I had a call from a “professional Google Adwords Agency”. The purpose of their call was that my web site had come up on their radar as “not optimised” and that I could be losing money by spending it on keywords, which were irrelevant to my web site.

He offered a free appraisal, so I figured I would play his little game & see what he had to offer. I  asked which web site and was told to which I responded that I found that hard to believe because I was only bidding on totally relevant keywords.  He asked for access to my account, which I granted him, and he began his research. Chatting with me all the while, asking questions about what my goal was and how the business was flowing, he came to the conclusion that he “could not improve on what I was doing“.

Of course he couldn’t! I had done the research that he was doing. I had selected the BEST keywords for the client, and I had kept the costs to a minimum while maximising new business for him.

My best keywords were getting between 12% and 19% click-through rate. He told me the best he had ever seen was about 3%, and that 1-1.5% was normal. 12% to 19% was outstanding. I also told him that 80% of all clickers were becoming customers and he nearly fell off his chair. I could hear him staggering to maintain balance…lol. Again, unheard of statistics. The norm being 1% to 3%. The average customer for that business is costing less than $1.50 to acquire.

Take a look at this graphic. Of course, I have blanked out my keywords. I don’t want to give all my secrets away. Check the CTR, average cost per click and average position of the ads. Always at the top of the page in first or at worst, second spot! Under $2.00 per click, actually the average CPC is about $1.30, and the 2 best are around 12% and 19%  click through rate. You want results? Give me a call.

Web World Click-Through rate

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