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Why Choose Web World Marketing?
Monday 23 August 2010 @ 7:18 am

With more people every day turning to the search engines to find businesses & shopping places, businesses who are not gearing up for 21st century marketing will be left on the shelf.

If you answered “No” to even one of the above questions, it could cost you your business within the next few years.

Please enter your details in the box to the right for us to contact you and discuss your e-marketing needs. There’ll be no hard sell. Either you want our services or you don’t. However, you need to make an educated decision, and unless you get educated, how can you do that?

Failure to take advantage of 21st century marketing strategies could cost you a lot of money in missed income.

Failure to comprehend and take advantage of the changes happening in the way business is heading, even as you read this, could even cost your business.

Consider these points when making your web marketing decision:

Shopping Locally

Shop Locally is not working

Shop Locally

People no longer have to shop locally to get what they either need, or want. Despite “Shop Locally” and “Support Your Local Business” campaigns, the number of people making purchases over the Internet grows exponentially, every day. We can log onto the Internet and order the things we are shopping for without having to leave the comfort of our own homes. Everything from the groceries we consume daily, to sporting goods, the cars we drive, and even the homes in which we live and the land on which to build them, and we can do it 24 hours, 7 days.

Home Based Business

More people shopping from home

Product Distribution

Distribution is changing. With employment and job security issues becoming more volatile with every passing day, more and more people are leaving their day jobs to take up their own business and are doing it over the Internet.

With courier and postal services taking care of the delivery of the goods, there is no need for customers to walk into their shops, they can do it typing a few words into a search engine eg. Google, or online directory eg. Yahoo.

The Internet Isn’t Going Away, It is being used by more people daily, and if we want to be still open for business in 5 years time, then we need to make changes to the way we do business accordingly.

Distribution is changing

The Internet is here, and it is here to stay. The Age of Information is upon us, and will, without a doubt, increase its influence over us all, and the shopping decisions we make.

While those business owners prepared to adapt, and change according to the dictates of what becomes necessary to survive, and take advantage of our progression into the information age will be in a position to prosper, those who cling to the way we have traditionally done things, will find themselves in a few years, well prepared to deal with a world, which no longer exists.


Many businesses are finding the traditional methods of advertising – yellow pages, printed media, radio and television – are  losing their effectiveness, as more and more customers turn to  search engines to find whatever it is they are looking for. Fewer and fewer customers are entering their stores despite increased traditional advertising budgets.

The rising costs involved in the traditional marketing methods, combined with the rising costs of just staying in business – increased property costs, ever increasing taxes and the costs of implementing the incessant governmental orders, rising bank fees, and all the other business associated costs – are driving more and more businesses to the wall.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Your Web Site Design

Most web sites are missing an important element. Can you guess what it is?

Is your web site effective?

While the majority of small businesses now have web sites, and many of them are aesthetically appealing and may even be sales functional,  most sites are ineffective when it comes to finding new customers and helping you, the business owner to make more sales. Statistics show that the majority of customers will not make a purchase the first time they visit your web site. Not even on the second or third visit. In most cases it is after the 7th visit that the customer will make a purchase. It doesn’t matter if you are in wholesale, retail or service related industries, the bottom line is the site just isn’t producing as it could or should and you are missing out on sales, simply because your web site doesn’t have a means of attracting the customer back over and over again, if they don’t buy on their first visit.

Your web site may look pretty, and have a lot of great information on it, but over 90% of web sites do not have the essential elements that turn them from a beautiful work of art, into a 24 hour 7 day sales generating machine, and customer acquisition agent. Let’s face it. That’s what you were hoping for when you ordered or built your site. Right? All it takes is a couple of simple pieces of code added to your site and a few minor changes in the way you advertise, but as previously stated, over 90% of web sites lack that essential element. What is it exactly? You are going to have to contact us to find out.

This is not intended as a knock against web site designers. The vast majority of them do a great job in that area. That is what they do! That is what they do best! That is what they love to do! That is why they do it!

However, the vast majority of web designers are not web marketers. Hence the gap between expected results for your hard-earned dollars spent, and actual returns on your web site investment, for most business owners.

Marketing Your Web Site, Product, Service

If you are like most business people today, you are so busy servicing and keeping the customers you have, and trying to attract more customers through your doors, plus your social life, family and community commitments, you simply don’t have the time to dedicate to learning how to market over the Internet, never mind actually doing it…….

Why Web World Marketing?

Web World Marketing is Australian owned and run. We have been marketing on the Internet since 2002 in both Japan and the USA, simply due to the size of the markets in those countries. Due to a relocation of our family to Australia, we are now offering our services to Australians.

People using this service are enjoying consistent  increases in business sales without having to work any harder to achieve the results. Call us, email us,  or visit our web site today for an obligation-free appraisal of your web marketing needs. You may be surprised at how little it will cost you to increase your sales.

Please contact us for more information.  Either fill in the form to the right, or log to our contact us page

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