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Tuesday 20 July 2010 @ 5:42 pm

Web World Marketing provides a service and/or products that are service based. The terms and conditions of service are:

Web Site Design and/or installation: 50% of agreed payment value prior to commencement of the project. 50% on satisfactory completion of the project prior to installation. Project will normally be completed within 1 calendar month of the first payment for larger projects and around 2 weeks for smaller projects.

eMail Campaign and Search Engine Campaign set-up: 50% of agreed amount prior to commencement. 50% once the project is complete. Completion will normally be within 1 week of commencement on the project unless special requirements dictate otherwise, provided the web site is modified according to the necessary specifications to make it functional as a marketing web site by the time work is commenced on the campaigns.

Campaign Management fees: To be paid in full monthly, prior to commencement of each campaign month.

Affiliate Marketing: Advice is free of charge. Affiliate fees to be paid directly to the affiliate or service provider as the case may be. We do not collect affiliate fees, nor do we distribute affiliate payments. All financial dealings are handled between the companies and each individual or business owner. All initial training provided by Web World Marketing is free of charge. All company training is reasonably priced and is at the affiliates own expense.

Domain Registrations and Web Hosting: All domain registrations and web hosting accounts can be either arranged through our in house providers or with your own service providers.

  • In House: If you don’t already have a domain registered, We will include either a .com.au or .com registration in your set-up fee and will pay for it from your advanced payment. uGlobal Domains will handle your domain registration, and uGlobal Hosting will provide your web site hosting. Provided you use uGlobal services and maintain a managed marketing account with Web World Marketing, your web hosting fees will be provided at no expense to you. Should you decide that you no longer require our marketing services, uGlobal Hosting will commence billing you a minimum of $10 monthly for your hosting account, depending on the bandwidth and disk space you are using from the time of closing of your managed marketing account and your domain ownership will be transferred to your name. All uGlobal Domains accounts include unlimited domain specific email addresses. ie. if you register www.yourbiz.com.au you can have unlimited email accounts @yourbiz.com.au. eg. theboss@yourbiz.com.au thesecretary@yourbiz.com.au, theforeman@yourbiz.com.au etc.
  • Third Party: We will not enter into any deals with third party providers. Those negotiations are strictly between you and the service provider, and are at your expense.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. All work will be completed according to customer specifications. Written customer approval of all work is required prior to sending your site or campaign live. If changes are to be made after the site or campaign has been sent live, the modifications will be done by negotiation.

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