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Like a Billboard out of Sight
Thursday 7 October 2010 @ 8:59 pm

Is your web site like a billboard, which attracts Internet traffic?

I know I said the next monthly newsletter would be about email marketing, but following some conversations I have had recently with potential clients, I feel a little more on effective marketing to be in order before we progress to the email marketing.

We have all seen billboards. They are in every country in the world. They are on every highway and by-way. Billboards that slap you in the face with one offer or another. They are usually prominently and strategically placed, so that when you come over a rise, or round a bend, there it is, right in your line of vision. You can’t miss them!

The unfortunate thing is, a large number of of web sites out there are not like billboards. Even though that’s essentially what they are. They are virtual advertising space that costs you rental and maintenance every month, but they do not follow the basic rules of getting seen.

Let’s just discuss two of those rules in this article.

1. Make your message clear and concise. Don’t be ambiguous in your web site content.

Is your web site like a billboard obscured by a tree?

Have you ever seen a billboard obscured by a tree? I have, but I can’t remember where it was, or I would go and take a photo of it, and paste it here, instead of this graphic I just drew up.

The last thing you want is for your web site to look like this example.

Even though it is there, traffic is passing it every day, and it’s being seen, nobody can read it. The message it is carrying is unclear and very easily misunderstood, because there is stuff in front of it.

If this was a real billboard, I am certain the message being displayed is not what the owner intended to be seen by the passing motorists.

Some things that may detract from your web site are:

  • Advertising other people’s stuff on your site eg. google adsense. In some cases it is appropriate, mostly not.
  • Content that has nothing to do with your offer. One page, one article or item.

Obscure content does nothing to enhance your web presence, and that’s the goal. Isn’t it?

2. Once you have a web site, you need to actively market it, or it will become like a billboard out of sight.

Billboard over the hill

Is your web site like a billboard out of sight. Nobody even suspects it exists, never mind seeing it.

Have you ever seen a billboard hidden behind a hill, where nobody can see it? Of course not! Why? Because nobody would pay for it in the first place, and nobody would ever see it.

So why, why, why… would you ever pay web site design fees, and monthly hosting fees, and never market your web site?

An un-marketed web site is like a billboard out of sight. Nobody ever sees it, or even suspects it exists.

The “build it & they will come ” mentality may work in a Hollywood baseball movie, but it won’t work on a web site. Unless you market your web site regularly, nobody will ever see it. Nobody will even know it exists.

I spoke with a woman just this morning. Her web site was obscure, ranked at over 13 millionth spot on the Alexa scale, and not appearing in Google searches.

She was offended that I was attempting to market to her, because she is a marketer herself. She stated that she had it under control and someone was taking care of all that for her. I disagreed, and rightly so. End of conversation. No point talking to a closed mind.

Somebody may be assigned to do the work, but they are far from taking care of it. She was so obviously over-confident in her abilities as a marketer, that she forgot that she needs to learn new skills in order to stay on top of marketing. I will not be recommending her to any of my clients… lol


Your web site should be like a billboard, where all traffic travelling the information super highway in your target market area sees it.

So, there you have it. Clear and concise content and web site marketing are the keys to getting your web site seen, like the billboard in this example. It is there, it can be seen, and it can be read easily.

Your web site should be a virtual billboard on the information super highway, where all traffic travelling in your target market area can see it, and can read its message easily.

Those are the keys to consequently building an email list, which is where the real money lies, and what I will deal with in the next issue.

As always, any questions, feel free to ask.

Mick Popp

Web World Marketing

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