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Do Your Own Web Marketing
Friday 30 July 2010 @ 5:47 pm

Want to get your web site seen, but don’t want to pay me the fee to do it?

Do your own! You’ll need these few tools to get you started – and a few hundred dollars to buy it all, and a couple of years to study up on how it all works, but you can do it.



Read Up On SEO

Before commencing down the track of DIY-SEO, you had better read up on SEO so that you understand what’s involved so that you can do it properly yourself, what I call DIPY-SEO. This is a zipped file. If you need software extract the file, Here’s a free one.

Zip995 Software

Free Download

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

Google Adwords Account –
Account is free, keywords are not free –

PPC Web Spy

PPC Web Spy

Buy Platinum PPC Web Spy. Nothing less will give you the information
you need for choosing your Keywords for google.


Veretekk Account

At Least a Silver
Veretekk –



Once you have got your account, open a leadsomatic account – looks like this
. Use it to submit your URL to multiple search engines and ad networks
on a regular basis

IBPro SEO Software

IBPro SEO Software

Get yourself some high quality SEO software

iContact Logo

iContact Auto Responder

Get yourself a GOOD auto responder

All Auto responders are NOT created equal. iContact provides better than 99% deliverability to the in-box of your subscribers. That rate leaves he others for dead! If you want your customers to actually receive your emails, then you need iContact. Nothing else will do!

That should keep you hopping and give you enough to study up on for the next year or so. You see, we have been doing this since 2002. It has taken a lot of learning and tweaking to get our system working right. If you want to do your own, then just be prepared for an intense learning curve and to spend a lot of money and time getting yourself up to scratch.

Most business owners are lacking in at least one of those areas. They either don’t have the time because they are so busy making money, or they don’t have the money because their business is suffering while they do the things they should be paying someone else to do. You’re a business owner, not a key puncher. Your business depends on you having the right tools to do what you do best. Sometimes, those tools are other people.

If you have employees, then you have issues with wages and salaries, employee insurances, superannuation, sick leave, compo and whatever else. If you outsource to Web World Marketing, you only have our fees plus your advertising costs, which you already have anyway.

Doesn’t it make sense to outsource what you don’t have to do in-house?

Call us for a free Web Marketing Appraisal.

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