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Time Management
Sunday 27 May 2018 @ 1:00 pm

I am frequently asked how I manage to get so much done in a day.

  • I’m a full-time University Student studying 3 concurrent university and VET (TAFE) level courses.
    • Certificate III in Travel and Tourism
    • Kakadu Knowledge for Tour Guides
    • Introduction to Business Management
  • Every morning at 6:30am, I have a session with a bunch of youth, discussing morality & the principles that govern happiness in life
  • I’m Mr. Mum, so I then get my kids ready for school and I usually take them on my way to:
    • University on Tuesday and Wednesday
    • To some appointment or catching up with a customer or supplier
  • I meet the kids after school
    • One afternoon a week, we hit a movie or go somewhere fun
    • One evening a week I take them to a youth activity
    • 2 afternoons a week and Saturday, we go grocery shopping –  fresh fruit and veg is not fresh in Darwin, it’s about 2 days off rotten by the time it makes it to the supermarket shelf, so we only buy a couple of days worth at a time.
  • As a full-time student, I also need to study and prepare assignments
    • CDU all day Tuesday & Wednesday
    • Business Colllege & Training Monday evenings and Thursdays
    • Mondays some courses related to my studies – e.g. First aid this Monday and next.
  • As a full-time dad and Mr. Mum I need to make sure my kids are being looked after properly.
  • We go to church on Sunday afternoons.
  • Are we running out of days of the week yet?
  • I have also been putting together a travel and tourism related business.
  • I have to keep the house livable, I have to mow the lawn and maintain the garden.
  • I have to ensure the vehicles are being maintained.
  • I have to prepare 2 of them for sale, and then sell them.
  • The Honey-do list goes on, and I am the only one.
  • I can’t do it all alone, so I also have to train my kids in household duties so that they can relieve some of the burden.
  • And now I am looking for work because my wife, who was working to support the family, has decided it’s all too hard, and has opted to not come home from a holiday in Japan. Notified me be email, divorce papers attached.

Top that and I’ll believe you are Superman, Superwoman or The Flash.

So, how do I fit all that into my week? Priorities!

Many time management systems teach an ABC123 system. Count that up. How many categories are there? SIX!!! How am I supposed to categorise my life into 6 categories. That is TOO MANY categories! I can’t do it. Life is confusing enough without 6 categories of it to manage.

I find this system more effective

Urgent Not Urgent
Important IU. This is the Important and Urgent Quadrant
These are the things that must be done today and must be done by you.
You cannot delegate.

  • Daily tasks that only you can do
  • Crisis Management – It has happened and needs dealing with.
INU. This is the Importand but not Urgent Quadrant
These things need doing. There is time to get them done. You cannot delegate the entire project, but you may be able to delegate part of it. Delegate what you can and Bite off little every day.

  • Long term projects
  • Daily tasks that don’t matter if they wait till tomorrow
  • Do not procrastinate or they will move to the IU quadrant and be labeled crisis management.
Not Important UNI. This is the urgent but not important Quadrant.
It needs to be done today, but you don’t have to do it.DELEGATE

  • The daily tasks that someone else can do
  • but they need doing today
NINU. This is the Not Important and Not Urgent Quadrant
You have to ask – Why is this even on my list? These are often the time wasters.
We get caught up in them because they may be interesting, but they are not essential to the running of the business or the day.

  • DELEGATE or DUMP, but get them off your list.
  • If they come back to bite you, then you misallocated them the first time.
  • Make sure they are put in the correct category.

Download a worksheet

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