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Weather-Proof Your Income
Thursday 13 January 2011 @ 8:28 am

Does adverse weather have an effect on your income level? Does anything else threaten your precious income and/or life style?

As you are well aware, the weather plays a big role in the turn-over of businesses and the income of many trades people, farmers, commission sales people etc. Lots of rain can mean lower income because you simply can’t finish the job, or you can’t get out to see the clients. Right? For others, not enough rain, or too much can kill off thousands of head of livestock in a season. Not enough, or too much of either can also ruin crops or prevent you from getting to work. A fuel crisis could bring the city, state or nation to a stand-still.

Sickness and injury, unemployment and redundancy can also send you down the gurgler just as quickly. Income protection insurance can cost you more than you can afford, and may pay you less than you need to survive.

What if there were a way to weather-proof your income, so the money just keeps flowing despite the circumstances you may find yourself in, and regardless of whether you can work, or not? It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, or what the reason may be that you can’t work. This works for all business models, workers, farms etc.

How? Leave your details in the window below or call 0447 736 007. We’ll set a time with you to run through a few details over a coffee or whatever beverage you feel like. It doesn’t matter where you are. If you are not local to the areas mentioned, we can do a web conference so that you can see the details for yourself.

Regardless of the industry you are in, or whatever your job may be, we all know there are threats to our income, which could cause a multitude of follow-on consequences if your income were to slow down, or stop due to something beyond your control.

If you don’t contact us, you’ll never know how easy it is to permanently protect your income with perpetual cash flow. So go on! fill in the box below! or call me on 0447 736 007. We can meet you at your favourite coffee spot and have a chat or come to your home or place of business. This works anywhere in Australia, as well as over-seas, so if we can’t travel to meet up, we can do a web conference.


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